1811 Paddock Drive,   
Kearney, MO, 64060
Cell: (816) 694-5242


Missouri State University, Springfield, MO                           
Bachelor of Fine Arts with an Emphasis in Painting, Animation
GPA: 3.43, Graduated in fall 2009

Professional Experience

VINTAGE STOCK LIBERTY, Liberty, MO                                                                                                          
Sales Associate, Keyholder              
October 2011 to present date

MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY, Springfield, MO                                        
Part-Time Desk Receptionist, Sunvilla Tower     
August 2008 -   December 2009

Software Experience:

Fluent in Photoshop, Lightwave, Sculptris, X-Normal, Hammer World Editor, Adobe After Effects
Experienced in 3ds Max, 3d Coat, Mudbox, Modo


Team Fortress 2:
*    CP_Manor_Event - Winner of and Valve Software's Artpass Contest 2010 (ships with TF2)
*'s Swamp Theme Expansion Set (environment set for TF2, now ships with TF2)
*    Dozens of various projects for community map authors
*    Vehicle and aircraft models (in production), freelance work for Goldhawk Interactive

Major Skills:

*   Stylized and realistic texturing
*   High-poly to low-poly workflow
*   Can follow concepts from start to finish
*   Creation of collision and level-of-detail meshes
*   Conceptualization, planning, and execution of entire game environments
*   Strong experience with exporting and compiling models and textures for the Valve Source Engine

Other Skills and Interests:

*    Strong traditional art background and education
*    Digital paintovers and drawing tablet use
*    Level design
*    Story, plot, and concepts for games, creative writing
*    Painting, Drawing, Illustration
*    Eagle Scout Rank
*    Magic: the Gathering TCG

References available upon request